Apr 19, 2011

DC Trip - Our Time in DC

Our trip to DC was for my work. I had a week long conference at the Capital, cool huh, and then a couple of days the following week in the DC office. We had a blast sightseeing, but man we were tired by the end of the trip, as you can tell by Jayde falling asleep everywhere we went. She was a trooper! We saw almost everything: Arlington Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknown Solder (change of solders, very cool), George Washington's house and farm, House Gallery (Capital), many museums, all the monuments, cherry blossoms (they bloomed early - yeah!), went on a tour of a double decker bus that was open on top and Jayde thought that was great, she also loved the underground cho choo that she road on everyday.

We were happy to go but even happier to get home. For us, it is a nice place to visit, but we would not move there. Sorry Grandma and Grandpa Edens!

DC Trip - Richmond, VA at Parent's House

We spent 5 days in Richmond, VA with Tom's parents, sister and brother touring the area and just hanging out. We spent one day at Virginia Beach, a day at historical Williamsburg and Jamestown (some of the first settlements - if you listened in history class, I guess I didn't), toured a really old and neat cemetery where some American Presidents are buried. Jayde played restaurant on gravestones, blackmail someday. We just had a blast!